The 15th release on Parallel Records comes from St. Petersburg, Russia based producer Nikolay Serebryakov and is a deep and lush house affair. Nikolay has years of musical training behind him and plays in a number of acid and jazz funk bands, but here he keeps it strictly dance floor.

Nikolay actually serves up just one original here and it’s entitled Sap. It’s a moody, spiritual track with bendy synths and lots of neon, late night colour. The sort of thing proper heads will love it comes with two remixes, the first by Roi Okev and the second by Matpri. The first is a more stripped back and patient affair with churchy chords and tripped out atmospheres and the second is a more sleepy, minimal techno styled affair with corrugated, rubbery clicks and a subtle sense of groove.

Overall, a deep and considered EP.

RELEASE DATE: 26/02/2015
Remixed by Roi Okev & Dj Primat