Monkey Brothers doing what they do best on the label’s most recent endeavour, the quite brilliant Golden Fish EP.

Laid-back, celestial tunes rub shoulders with more up-front and eclectic fare, and if it’s an exercise in the diversity and the intricacies of electronic music, then Golden Fish is set to have you covered with distinction. A fine example of this is on the title track, where the boys call on Gietre’s vocal in quite brilliant fashion, as they construct a haunting but melancholic sound structure around her emotion-laden lyrics. A true joy to behold.

On the remix front, newcomer Omer Grinker brings the sax and some Mr.Fingersesque facets to the table on his take on ‘Golden Fish’, a brisk track that walks down memory lane but also makes clever use of the aforementioned vocals.

‘My Joy’ is up next. Again, Gietre plays a starring role, but this time it’s the stunning piano lines that cut deepest, as they lend the EP a really epic appeal. It’s then left to the brothers themselves to close matters, which they do ever so excellently on their gothic, ominous, tech-house workout of ‘My Joy’.

An EP that appeals to the broad spectrum of electronic music in a unique manner, Golden Fish is an exceptional listen from beginning to end.

RELEASED DATE: 06/01/2014