Parallel Records crew, who in the process mark up their 14th release. It comes from Emiliano Comollo who has been been busy making a name for himself for more than a decade now, both as host of his own parties but also because of his great DJ sets and killer production, as proved here by this latest one.

The first cut is a turbocharged bit of funky tech with squealing little alien spirits scurrying about inside the groove as stormy synths break up top and the bass and drums charge on. It’s physical and evocative and will no doubt get top reactions on the floor.

The second cut, Ferdinand, is a more freaky and tripped out track with fat synths spraying about over rolling drums, ditty melodies unfolding underneath colourful night skies and a generally menacing late night air pervades all of the above. It’s a well produced track that rounds out what is a tidy EP.

RELEASE DATE: 08/01/2015