For a duo called Monkey Brothers, these guys really ain’t messing around here. Their latest comes at us on their brilliant Parallel label, and is a four-tracker of some distinction. Entitled ‘Facades’, it sees the guys turn in 3 original and a remix from Bpitch Control staple, Kiki.

It all gets going with the title track itself. A tripped-out piece of tech-house weirdness, it features a girl telling us a story about a dream she had recently. Ominous in tone, it’s still dizzyingly eclectic and forward-thing, in the process brilliantly setting the stall for what’s to come here. Kiki’s remix sees him inject a really interesting vocal into proceedings, and it sticks out thanks to its zippy beats and repetitive inclinations.

‘Front View’ is all about the clever bassline, whereas elsewhere, ‘Side View’ is more about the deep pastures and a penchant for interesting, dexterous and melodic beats. An EP that really gives us a tantalising snapshot of what this duo is about, that’s for sure.