Emiliano Comollo is next up on the Parallel label and serves up two great originals as well as getting remixed twice by Roi Okev.

Comollo hails from Turin and has been turning out brilliant techno and its many related styles for a while now. He has been collecting records forever so is a fine Dj who shares the decks with some top stars but also holds his own. In 2008 Emiliano began his weekly residency at Doctor Sax Club, one of the oldest and most known After Club in Italy and has also released on labels like Cyclic Records.

His first cut Kepler is a deep, bubbly, dubbed out minimal techno cut that is full of weird atmospheres and intriguing grooves. It builds to a trippy synthetic peak with tin pot percussion and subtle tweaks and FX and is the sort of detailed jam Villalobos fans would love.

Hoag follows and is just as deep but has slightly more prominent and rolling rubber drums. Whispered female vocals pan left and right, spiralling pads add scale and expert sound design fleshes out the detail. It then gets remixed twice – firstly into a chilly and totally horizontal dub techno number that is sensuous and seductive, then secondly into a melancholic number with sombre chords and glowing, harmonic pads plus frictionless grooves rolling on and on sucking you ever deeper into them to round off what is a top EP.