Monkey Brothers is a duo created in 2005 by two brothers: Rubén & Sergio Pellón. Their productions have a characteristic attitude, a mix of obscure textures and deep bases designed for the dance floor.

Structured and groovy sounds blend with techno and house influences.

After their first release in 2008 for REGULAR Label , Monkey Brothers start to perform live and dj Sets in clubs all around the world non stopping until nowadays.

Monkey Brothers also had releases with REGULAR, Hidden Recordings, Catalytic, with remixes from AlexKid, Pier Bucci, Pablo Bolivar, Darren Price (Underworld) Daniel Dreier, Alejandro Vivanco, Jens Bond……

In 2012, they created PARALLEL Label, signing their own releases, and other artists: Pablo Bolivar, Omer Grinker, Alejandro Vivanco, Gwen Maze….